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University of Thessaly


Block of Flats


2100 sq.meters



This project aims to create a multi-story building with highly technological features. Initially, the available space of the plot was utilized to the maximum extent, while after having resolved the issue of interior floors, the formation of the final volume was revealed. The fact that the building is located in Greece, a country where the climate is Mediterranean led to the design of cantilevers, because during 7 months of a year ambient temperature is relatively high.


This block of flats includes apartments that vary from 40 sq.meters to 370. Also the interior walls are mainly made of plasterboard so as to give the ability of adaptation to the needs of the owner.


The shell of the building, from which derives its name, is made of wooden planks which are based on metal mechanism that manipulates them as “curtains” of the apartments. It is necessary to have blinds in this building due to orientation, so the “wooden curtains” were designed to offer optional shading according to the needs of the resident of each apartment.

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