Mixed Use Skyscraper


360 meters


University of Thessaly


Spiridon Papadopoulos


The city of Athens got its name from the goddess Athena who brought the olive tree to the Greeks as a gift. God Zeus promised to give Attica to the god or goddess that would make the most useful invention. Gift of Athena was the olive tree, useful for light, heat, food, medicines and perfumes. It was chosen by the citizens, as a more peaceful invention, symbolizing peace, prudence and wisdom. The goddess Athena planted the first olive tree on the rocky hill of the Acropolis. Thus the olive tree is a key point of reference and inspiration for both the outside and the interior program of the skyscraper. The second reference used to design the skyscraper, are the pillars that characterize the ancient Greek monuments with particular emphasis on the intense grooves that appear on their surface. Also, the third reference is mountain Hymettus which is a natural landmark that gives its own character with regard to topography and soil diversity in the region. The nature that exists on its surface is dominated by earthy colors and arid plantation such as bushes and trees without deep green foliage. As a result, after having taken into account the above, the final form of the skyscraper arises intensely sculpted, like an olive trunk.


Athens 19014, Greece

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