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University of Thessaly


55000 sq.meters


Karydis Eleytherios & Chatzatoglou Aggelos


The aim of the project is to utilize the wharf area of 63,000 m2, located in the port of Volos. Βy studying the available space and taking into account the structure factor we started by utilizing 100% of the available space as building program. An important factor of the local economy is tourism. Numerous touristic ships arrive at the port of Volos, all year round, a fact that could not be omitted from our study. For the reception of cruise ships and the large volumes of tourists they carry, we chose the reduction of the building size around the wharf perimeter in order to create the necessary space for movement and the passing crowd. Then, in order to create the best possible lighting, ventilation and thermal comfort conditions inside the building, we considered necessary to design a central atrium with the appropriate size so as to attain these objectives. The resulting volume at first glance appeared to function harmoniously in relation to all aspects of the site but except one, that of landscape perspectives. Because of its height, the building functioned as a visual barrier between the city of Volos and the horizon. To solve this problem we decided to face our building as a veil whose opposite diagonal corners overfly, in such a way to form a central sharp downward curve which would allow visual contact with the horizon. With this formula, the building adapts and respects its surroundings, while it accommodates a building program that meets the needs of the city.

Ground Floor
1st Floor
2nd Floor
3rd Floor
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