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University of Thessaly


Reading Hall


7000 sq.meters


Observing the urban “fabric” of the city of Volos, we would notice that the city is divided into two sub-regions: the Old and New city of Volos. This is because the lines of the train station, which are centrally located to the region, are the buffer zone of the city tissue, as in the past they used to reach the port for commercial purposes. So today a kind of “vacuum” is left in the middle of the urban map. This project, therefore, is aiming to bridge the “gap” which is on hold for several decades. Exploring the surrounding area, there is an abandoned block , overgrown with weeds and plants. This is how it looks like at first glance, but at that area there are ancient excavation findings, which go unnoticed. In addition, the Town Hall Square is one of the most central places of Volos, factor powerful enough to take the block into account for the synthetic idea. The aim is to achieve “bridging” of the gap in such a way that the new construction to “receive” the population of New city of Volos and the pass them to the Old Town, in a smooth, transitional, manner. Maybe a path that receives the intensity of everyday routine, normalizes it, manages it and eventually “leaves” it to the Old Town.


Inside the building there are two main functions, one is the reading room and the other function as coffee bar. The spaces are formed in such a manner as to follow the fluid pearshaped structure of the construction. So all elements come in complete harmony as a whole, both functionally and aesthetically. The form follows function whilst happens and vice versa.

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