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University of Thessaly


Cruise Terminal


23000 sq.meters


At first, for the design of this cruise terminal the issue that had to be resolved was how to handle the huge amount of people that enter and leave the building. The solving of the latter was achieved in such a way as to form handy interior spaces for the movement of passengers and interesting outer shell which attracts the look of the passerby. The final form of the project results from the segmentation of the platform into longitudinal strips which in their final stage get shaped according to the uses of spaces, resulting in the final curved geometry. It is a wave-geometry which receives and transfers crowds, offering a unique experience of internal consistency with the exterior. The inside space becomes exterior and the opposite.


The foundation of the building is made of reinforced concrete in order to achieve a waterproof basis. The main structure of the building is made of steel frame construction, which is covered by concrete sheets and in the between gap there is insulating material. At the exterior surfaces the final coating is made of wooden paneling while white plaster is used for the interiors.

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