Spiros Papadopoulos Studio




12000 sq.meters


Spiros Papadopoulos Studio


The main part of the factory (ground floor) will be faced as Market area. Ecological products in the city of Madrid: It’s where you can find products with “green” or “organic” certification and also the place where you can try them. In an attempt to keep the memory of the initial years, will remain as a warehouse area of low lying below the high level at which there will be space dedicated to the tasting. Cooking school: It teaches guests to cook healthy, how to improve their eating habits and thus the quality of life and health. In coordination with schools in Madrid and nearby cities, cooking workshops will be held for children. Workshops can also be organize for parents, teachers, etc.

The aim of the intervention is the regeneration and revitalization of this urban space which is bounded by the heavy traffic of the main street and is on the edge of town. This proposal represents a simulation of these two factors in relation to citizens of the city. This requires a new set of applications and sites connected by attractive way for citizens, showing a direct relationship with the original use of the building, leading to an emulation at programming level.


Athens 19014, Greece

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