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University of Thessaly


Urban Design


Chatzatoglou Aggelos


This project deals with the abandoned block of Alatini factory which is located near the coast of town Thessaloniki in Greece. The initial idea for the formation of the plot was to extend the urban fabric in order to maintain the town’s cohesion while new points of interest would be created for the region. So, as a result of the extension of the already existing roads, the block is divided in such away that new streets are created. At this stage, we had to decide about the relationship between full and empty space, or the relationship between public and private spaces. The outcome of this process is the formation of public and urban spaces, like pedestrian walkways, with the aim of making the pedestrians “protagonists” of the city landscape. The main new building of the block is designed in such a way as to fit the needs of citizens, being shopping mall and park at the same time.

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